Spicy Pork Burrito from Seoul Taco

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I have a thing for finishing lists. Food lists are, for obvious reasons, my absolute favorite. So when JP sent me RFT’s 100 St. Louis Dishes You Must Eat Now, I gasped audibly. I’m going to eat it all. EAT IT ALL. This list will be conquered.*

JP and I began our list adventure with the  burrito from Seoul Taco on the Loop. After enjoying Seoul Taco’s badass Steak Gogi Bowl, I had multiple mediocre Gogi Bowls and then took a Seoul Taco break. But the list convinced me to give Seoul Taco a second try.

I opted for the spicy pork. It was awesome. The burrito was packed with spicy, sticky kimchi rice, bitter greens, and flavorful pork. Sour cream added a bit of tanginess. Seoul Taco won my heart back. And it proved that this list might know what it’s talking about. I look forward to eating the rest of it.

*I’m also currently working on eating through a STL Cheap Eats list, a NYC Spicy Foods list, and the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook so clearly I’m quite busy.

Egg, Spinach, and Tomato Sandwich from the Village

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I’m pretty particular about egg sandwiches. I want runny eggs, sharp cheese, and good bread. Add a little spicy Chipotle mayo (like on the egg sandwich at Ibby’s) and I’m in Heaven.

Despite fully-cooked eggs and the lack of sauce, the egg sandwich from the Village was quite delicious. The cheddar was only mildly sharp but well melted. The whole wheat bread was perfectly toasted. Bright slices of tomato added enough sweetness and flavor to replace any sauce.

Runny yolk would’ve made the good sandwich a great sandwich. Eating an egg sandwich should be a messy ordeal that requires the deft use of bread as a yolk mopper-upper (I did ask for my eggs over-easy but that detail was lost in translation).

That being said, the sandwich really was good and it was way better than the egg sandwiches served on weekday mornings at Bear’s Den.

Pulled Pork from the DUC BBQ


DUC BBQ IS BACK. Sing it from the hilltops. Let the world know that spring has truly arrived. Nothing says “summer is coming” like sitting outside in the sun and eating DUC BBQ on a Friday.

The pulled pork was, like always, delicious. Today’s pulled pork was coated in a North Carolina style sauce. While I like the usual Pappy’s BBQ, I loved today’s BBQ sauce even more. The sauce was more tangy than it was sweet (and Pappy’s can be a bit too sweet for my taste) which made the meal feel a lot lighter than usual. Lighter is better when it’s warm outside.

Warm outside. Can you read those words?? Do you understand that fantasticalness of them?? I’ve been waiting months and now I can finally post that it is warm outside and there is BBQ and I ate it and it was delicious and the world is a good, good place.

P.S. I’ve heard the Bill Clinton is a big North Carolina BBQ fan.

Spinach Artichoke Turkey Panini from the Village

photo (12)Using spinach artichoke dip as a spread?? Brilliant.

I can ignore salsa. I can avoid guacamole  Put a bowl of quality spinach artichoke dip in front of me and I will eat it for days. I’m all about spinach artichoke dip. But I’ve never thought of putting it on a sandwich. In hindsight, it seems so logical.

Unfortunately, the sandwich didn’t really live up to the idea. The combination of sweet turkey and creamy dip was good. But there was way too much turkey on it. It wasn’t until I took off a layer of meat that I could taste the dip. The dip was boring. It tasted like bland cheese and pureed spinach. The tang that artichokes can provide didn’t come through.

I’m going to have to head to Trader Joe’s and then make a sandwich with their spinach dip (it’s awesome awesome awesome). Or I can just stick to ordering the Village’s Cuban Pork Sandwich.

Masala Lamb Quesadilla from BD

photo (12)Where have you been eating lunch on Tuesdays?? If your answer is anywhere other than BD, you are a fool. A foolish fool of fool proportions. Today was the second time I picked up a quesadilla from the WUrld Fusion station (only on Tuesdays) and today was the second time that FLAVOR HIT ME IN THE FACE.

The quesadilla was filled with tomatoes, onions, and green peppers but that were overwhelmed by the lamb, cumin, and cilantro. “Overwhlemed by” in the same way that us mortals are overwhelmed by Beyonce’s fabulousness.The cumin and the cilantro amplified the rich gaminess of the lamb (and that’s what makes lamb lamb so this was a super lamby lamb quesadilla… get my happiness??).

After taking a bite that included a bit of the sour cream and the tamarind chutney, I couldn’t help but smile. The addition of sweetness, richness, acidity, and slight bitterness took it from being a yummy quesadilla to being a GREAT quesadilla.

The meat was a little chewy and the quesadilla was difficult to eat but the flavor more than made up for that. Click here to read the review of the other WUrld Fusion quesadilla if this post hasn’t already convinced you to check out the station at lunch next Tuesday.

The Best Mac & Cheese at Paws & Go

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Paws & Go sells four different brands of mac and cheese.

That fact captures the typical college student’s desire to cook perfectly. Sure, Paws & Go sells some raw vegetables, flour, uncooked pasta, and (beautiful) cheeses but I’d be willing to bet that most of what they sell is ready to eat or microwaveable. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re busy college students. Ain’t nobody got time for sauteing.

Ain’t nobody got time for bad mac and cheese either. So Alex, Brandon, JP and I did the difficult deed of testing out each brand to find the best.

Stouffer’s v. Easy Mac

Brandon described Easy Mac as “what you eat when you’re feeling down.” I describe it as “bleh.” It tasted like calcium powder, not cheese. According to everyone in the room, I put Easy Mac at a disadvantage because, apparently, I added too much water. I will have you know: I filled it up to the fill line and not a millimeter higher.

Anyway, Stouffer’s would’ve won even if the Easy Mac wasn’t soggy noodles in a pool of flavorless yellow water. Stouffer’s was a lot cheesier and the thicker noodles were more satisfying.

Amy’s v. Gluten Free

The Gluten Free was, undoubtably, the underdog because… it’s gluten free. Gluten Free was basically forced to play defensively the entire time and it did so poorly. JP said it wasn’t the worse thing ever but it basically was. The rice noodles were hard and tasted like plastic. The cheese sauce didn’t taste like anything. Don’t eat Gluten Free. If you’re gluten free… I’m sorry.

Amy’s, on the other hand, played a strong offense and dominated. The cheese sauce tasted like cheese (which is apparently a lot to ask). The noodles were thick and not mushy.

Amy’s v. Stouffer’s

This matchup was destined to be a close one. Both Stouffer’s and Amy’s featured cheese that tasted like cheese. Both had satisfying noodle textures. Brandon and Alex both liked Stouffer’s. JP and I both liked Amy’s. It would’ve been a tie except… I write the blog posts so I get to vote twice! So the winner is: Amy’s.

I liked the flavor that the whole wheat in the noodles added. I also thought the Amy’s cheese sauce was milkier and richer.

So here’s how the March Madness Mac & Cheese Bracket played out: 


Cuban Sandwich from the Village

photo (12)

Pork on pork. I’m a big fan of bacon, prosciutto, pancetta… basically any meat that began as a big but smoked pork AND ham sounded like it’d be a little too much.

I was totally wrong. The locally made pulled pork added a deep, wonderful smokiness that worked well with the sweet ham. Spicy chipotle mustard took the sandwich from delicious to DELICIOUS. That was all cradled between two slices of bread that are crunched up perfectly by the most intense panini press I’ve ever seen.

I thought I was only going to eat half (because of the whole “pork on pork” thing) but I ended up devouring the whole thing. Lord help me not eat one of these every day.