Chicken Biryani from BD

photo (11)

Eating dinner at your desk because you have no time to enjoy it with friends is never a blast. But when the rice looks like confetti, it’s a little bit less dark.

It was the red, yellow, and orange rice in the Chicken Biryani that convinced me to go with the World Fusion meal tonight. “Biryani” is a label for a type of Indian rice dish that can be cooked with meat, vegetables, eggs, or fish. The key to biryani (according to Google) is that the rice is made separately from the chicken (if you’re making Chicken Biryani) but then added to the chicken right before it is fully cooked. That technique allows for some of the chicken’s flavor to transfer to the rice but also keeps the rice grains from clumping together.

BD’s chicken biryani was delicious. The meat was moist and rich. I could taste the yogurt and the cardamom the most. It was slightly spicy and totally delicious. The colorful rice added a lot of texture.

The chana dal side was also delicious. Chana dal is (again, according to Google) black chickpeas that have been shelled and split up. BD cooks them with pieces of diced tomato and zucchini. It packed some heat that built up slowly. I enjoyed the sweetness that the tomatoes added.

If you are eating at your desk tonight, I send you a message of solidarity. We will get through this week and we will make it to Spring Break. You might be eating alone but you are not alone. In fact, click here for a whole tumblr page devoted to sad desk lunches. Eating lunch at your desk is almost as bad as eating dinner.

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