Mediterranean Focaccia Sandwich from BD

photo (10)

Every few months, some study from some where tells us that scientists have finally figured out what we should and should not eat (I’m still waiting for the one that says a steady diet of chocolate truffle cookies is the way to go). The study released last week sings the praises of a Mediterranean diet.

Maintaining a Mediterranean diet means eating a lot of nuts, olive oil, fish, and vegetables while avoiding red meat and large amounts of dairy. According to the New York Times: “the study ended early, after almost five years, because the results were so clear it was considered unethical to continue.” The study found that the diet significantly reduces the chance of heart disease and stroke.

Despite that lengthy intro, I didn’t choose the above sandwich for its healthiness. I choose it because I was in a olive-y mood. The sandwich satisfied that mood with a lot of olives. A LOT of olives.

Too much really. I opened the sandwich up and realized that the olive relish was clumped into the corner I bit into. Once I spread it out (and took a bit off), I could finally taste the rest of the sandwich. Sweet tomatoes and sharper onions were great with the crispy and delicious rosemary focaccia. Cucumbers added freshness, brightness, and crunchiness.

With a little bit of adjustment, the sandwich made for an enjoyable and, apparently, heart healthy lunch. This week’s other sandwiches are the Italian Grinder and the Smoked Chicken.

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