Tacos, Tacos, Tacos at Mission Taco Joint on the Delmar Loop

photo (10)

Tacos on tacos on tacos. I want to live on top of a mountain of never-ending tacos. So I’ve been looking forward to Mission Taco Joint’s opening for weeks. Quality tacos on the Loop is my dream come true.

Mission is the sister restaurant of Milagro Modern Mexican and Tortillaria but Misssion is less Mexican than they are (sister from another mister?). Its named after the Mission District in San Francisco and the tacos are clearly Californian (a.k.a. skinny, pretty, and fresh).

Milagro and Tortillaria might eventually get kind of jealous. But for now, they’re still the favorites in the family.

My tacos arrived cold. They came plated on really cool, long metal strips that had taco-holding slots. But my tacos ended up on the metal strip with Nate’s tacos, who was sitting on the other side of the table. It took us a while to figure that out because neither our waitress nor the busboy could identify the different tacos for us.

Once we’d sorted it all out, I took a bite of the Yucatan chicken taco. The chicken was a bit dry but the flavors were on point. The acid from the pickled onions with the smokiness of the achiote rocked. I had to cram a few tortilla chips into my mouth because the arbol salsa was so wonderfully spicy.

The Nopales taco didn’t maintain the same level of balance. Large chunks of goat cheese mixed with the thick poblano sauce. My first bite was enjoyable but the taco’s overwhelming heaviness hit me on the second bite. And the roasted cactus was limp and a bit slimy.

Luckily, I saved the roasted duck taco for last. The shredded chile roasted duck was moist and packed with flavor. Pieces of really crispy pork belly added crunchy, salty goodness that helped the creamy avocado and spicy serrano mitigate the gaminess of the duck. It was rich but, unlike the Nopales, not too heavy. I’ll eat duck tacos on duck tacos on duck tacos any day.

We finished the meal with churros with chocolate sauce. I loved the combination of the warm, rich chocolate sauce and the cinnamon.  I enjoyed the warm, freshly fried dough but the thicker part of the churro was still raw.

To be fair, Mission has been open for less than a week. Official food reviewers give a new restaurant 30 days before they write anything. I am far from being an official food reviewer and I was too excited to wait so I decided to ignore that rule. But I do totally plan on going back (even if only for those duck tacos) when Mission has had some more time to fine tune the details.

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