The Most Useless Posts on Fooducated

Yesterday’s post was Fooducated’s 400th post. At first I thought: “wow, I can’t believe that I’ve come up with 400 things to write.” Then I realized that I often can’t come up with what to write. On those days, I crank out something completely useless and hope that it’ll at least make you smile. To celebrate 400 posts and 65,000 views, I’ve complied a list of Fooducated posts that, if you read them, will be a complete waste of your time:

Leaping on Leap Day


Fix Politics With Food

obamagnocchiMy Baby With Yesterday’s Pulled Pork Sandwich


Strawberry Saturdays: Cindy Is Introduced

img_3568and then the follow up: Strawberry Saturday: Cindy Is Missing!

Presidents Are Just Like Us: They Eat Burgers Too!

piclastAnd finally, Fooducated’s first ever useless post: Can Buffalo Sauce Be Bad? (Yes. Absolutely.)


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