Smoked Chicken Sandwich from Cherry Tree


After yesterday’s sandwich success, I spent all of this morning looking forward to returning to Cherry Tree. And staring out my window at the snow. Who knew Wash U can look even more beautiful?

The Smoked Chicken sandwich was a more manageable size than the Italian Grinder. The chicken itself was a bit dry but nothing as dramatic as the pasta station chicken cubes. I enjoyed the smokiness of the chicken when combined with the flavorful, acidic sun dried tomato spread (at least, that’s what I think it was even though the menu said pickled peppers). Of course, a sandwich is nothing without excellent bread and, of course, the ciabatta was great. It was light and crusty with large airy holes.

However, the Italian Grinder beats the Smoked Chicken. The garlic aioli and different meats on the Grinder add so much flavor that, despite the sun dried tomato spread, the Smoked Chicken can’t match.

I did use some of the condiments on the stand next to the sandwich station. They’re a good way to make more happen on your sandwich. The olive tapenade was delicious but too acidic to combine with the sun dried tomato. The herb oil was too subtle to prevail over the sun dried tomato. But the stone ground mustard worked will. It added a sharp bite that tasted great with the slight sweetness of the sun dried tomato spread.

While waiting for my sandwich (the guy in front of me snagged the last one), I did notice something. In the case, next to the perfect peppers and beautiful focaccia, there sat three huge blocks of what I’m sure is aged gouda. I’m sure because that is the cheese of my life. It is the cheese I wake up to almost every morning at home. It is the cheese of the country in which I was born.

“Are there any sandwiches with that cheese on it,” I asked excitedly. With a look of slight disgust (probably at the notion that anyone would get as excited about cheese as I obviously was), the woman working the sandwich station said: “Oh nawh honey, that’s just for display.” Just for display.

I whimpered.

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One Comment on “Smoked Chicken Sandwich from Cherry Tree”

  1. […] With a little bit of adjustment, the sandwich made for an enjoyable and, apparently, heart healthy lunch. This week’s other sandwiches are the Italian Grinder and the Smoked Chicken. […]

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