Chef Inspired Italian Grinder from Cherry Tree


BREAKING NEWS: Cherry Tree is stepping up its game once again. Today (and hopefully every day from now on) Cherry Tree served three all-ready-made sandwiches. All three looked fantastic. All three were made on bread baked in Bear’s Den.

I went with the Italian Grinder. The outside of the baguette was crispy and the inside was moist and slightly chewy, aka perfect. The spicy capicola, ham, and salami tasted fantastically fresh and meaty (if that’s a thing). But the garlic aioli was the sandwich rockstar. It was pungent but not overwhelming. Yum.

Don’t eat anything else for lunch. And you won’t need to eat anything else for dinner. It was huge. Honestly, a little too huge for me. While I ravenously ate it all (because it really was delicious), I can’t eat a sandwich this big for lunch every day (even though I will want t0).

That’s really my only complaint. Otherwise, it was great. I loved it when Paws & Go started selling fancy grab-and-go sandwiches on BD baked bread. I love this even more. Now we can eat well crafted sandwiches on freshly baked bread that hasn’t been refrigerated.

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2 Comments on “Chef Inspired Italian Grinder from Cherry Tree”

  1. […] The ciabatta was cold and the whole bottom half was soaked through but it didn’t taste as refrigerated as the baguette I had a few days ago. I think that might just be the nature of ciabatta. So far, none of the other chef inspired sandwiches have come close to being as delicious as the Italian Grinder. […]

  2. […] for an enjoyable and, apparently, heart healthy lunch. This week’s other sandwiches are the Italian Grinder and the Smoked […]

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