Strawberry Saturdays: Cindy Is Introduced

This is Cindy. I spotted her while wandering around the flower market in Amsterdam and knew immediately that she had to join the Fooducated family.

But I ran into a problem (after smuggling her across the border and then from NY to STL) almost immediately. The package said “see instructions inside” but look at the inside:

They sell you a growing, living thing and then expect you to just figure it out! To make it worse, they lie and say they’ll explain it but then only give you these vague pictures:

What’s NPK?? Whatever it is, Cindy isn’t getting that. I’m already failing as a strawberry grower.

I’m also worried because the same stand was selling pots that claim to grow banana trees.

But I can only do my best. I’ll water her every day and say a few encouraging words but, ultimately, the way she grows, and whether or not she grows, is up to her.

Here she is braving the world that is our common room for the first time:

Come back on Saturdays to read about how Cindy is doing.

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