Dorm Room Kitchen Supplies

As a kid, I’d spend all summer longing for the day on which I’d finally get to go to Staples to buy crisp notebooks, perfectly sharpened pencils, and a new backpack. Once home, I’d immediately pack my bag, arranging the books by size, putting every writing implement into my case, and slipping the tiny scissors into the special slot in the front pocket. Organization, perfection, and success suddenly seemed within reach.

But every year, within a week, finding anything in my bag would require a SWAT team armed with courage, flashlights, and long sticks. Hopefully, that won’t happen to my dorm room. I’m enjoying the post-supply-shopping vibe right now.

I just finished buying the best kind of school supplies: those that make food. As a sophomore, I plan on cooking a lot more. But I don’t have my decked-out kitchen and I don’t plan on spending a lot decking out my building’s kitchen. So I bought the kitchen essentials for $69.27 (plus shipping).

From Target:

You have to have measuring cups if you plan on doing any sort of baking. And I had to desperately search for a can opener three times last year. For $14, you get both plus a spork, wine opener, and ice cream scoop!

I bought a $11 knife from Target last year but didn’t think about buying a cutting board. Then I chopped of the tip of my index finger while trying to cut a baguette on a plate. So get cutting boards. And a get a knife too.

How cute are these?? With these four utensils, most basic culinary feats can be accomplished. When you have to grab things, it gets a little complicated. But that’s what college is for: to teach you how to get around using tongs.

From Walmart:

My original plan was to just buy everything from Target. They carry a line called Chefmate and it’s incredibly inexpensive. But then I started reading the reviews.

One person said that the cookie sheets warp – spilling pie filling everywhere – and another wrote that her pan’s aluminum coating flakes off into the food. Since I’m looking for neither cancer nor ruined pies, I turned to Walmart for bakeware and cookware.

This is an incredible deal. $25 for a 12 piece set! At first, it sounded too good to be true. But the reviews are all extremely positive so I’m willing to give the set a shot. The only downside to the size is the relatively immense amount of cleaning I’ll have to do since I tend to use everything I have.

This is also a great deal on a product with positive reviews. Saute pans are an obvious necessity and the griddle will be great for pancakes that I’ll flip with my bright green spatula.

What I Couldn’t Find: 

A mixing bowl. I just want one.

I don’t want to buy five in varying colors because I’ll use all five and have to wash all five.

I don’t want three bowls.

I don’t want 8 tiny bowls.

I want one huge bo-

wait… exactly what I want? In my favorite color?!?! OH SOLD OUT.

Can you tell that it’s been a long day?

What I’ll Be Making:

A bunch of things. So make sure you like Fooducated on Facebook, subscribe to the email list, and come back to Fooducated because I’ll be posting about the easy recipes that I’ll cook in my dorm kitchen using these supplies.

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