Lemon Meringue Pie Steps Up Its Game

I’m not good at making lemon meringue pie. The egg has to be slowly added to the lemon juice and the sugar has to be slowly added to the egg whites. For a New Yorker like myself, doing two things slowly in one day is a mental struggle. It requires every last drop of my self-control to fight the temptation to just dump everything in a bowl and hope for the best.

I’m so good at eating lemon meringue pie. It reminds me of butterflies and summer and everything good in between. So every now and then I collect all of my mental energy and decide to go for it. The recipe I used tonight is by far the best one I’ve tried.

I only did one layer of ice cream (and I should’ve left it in the freezer for longer). And the lemon curd was slightly too sweet. Next time I’ll put in 3/4 cups of sugar. But the pecan crust was absolutely perfect and the meringue was delicious. Though more labor intensive than most recipes I post here, this pie recipe is totally worth it.

Click here for the recipe

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One Comment on “Lemon Meringue Pie Steps Up Its Game”

  1. […] with an even layer of vanilla ice cream that was about half-an-inch thick (the vanilla idea is from this recipe for lemon meringue pie). I added the thinly sliced peaches (which had been sitting in some brown sugar and cinnamon for 20 […]

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