Presidents Are Just Like Us: They Eat Burgers Too!

I stumbled upon this tumbler: Obama Eating Burgers. It is exactly what the name suggests: a blog of photos of Obama eating burgers. Brilliance. Of course, I have a few things to say about some of these photos.

1. Who gingerly places a burger on another person’s plate? Plop that thing down Mr. President. Or, better yet, make them grab it themselves.

2. Way to go Michelle. You have spectacular arms but you also eat burgers. And Barack drinks water! That’s one more thing the President of the United States and I have in common.

3. Look at the man’s burger posture. Excellence. While my parents would yell at me – and probably at Obama – for putting my elbows on the table, it is a completely justified move if eating a burger. He’s got the correct two hand grip, which keeps the whole burger aligned. He’s smart enough to close his eyes so that he can enjoy the burger instead of respond to the creepy guy sitting next to him. And, even more impressively, his sleeves are rolled up to avoid juice stains (unlike those of the joker across from him… pssh, foolishness). If his birth certificate doesn’t prove that he’s American, Obama’s burger eating finesse most certainly does.

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5 Comments on “Presidents Are Just Like Us: They Eat Burgers Too!”

  1. Hahah “correct two hand grip which keeps the burger aligned” Brilliant. So funny!

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  4. […] Presidents Are Just Like Us: They Eat Burgers Too! […]

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