Aji Sauce

I like making Ariel cry. He cried a little bit (on the inside) when I refused to be around his mustache. He also cried out of pride when I learned how to play Naruto. But I have yet to illicit tears through spiciness. And my goal in life is to make something spicy enough to traumatize his taste buds. Worthy goal, I know.

Inspired by yesterday’s Columbian dish, I decided to make my own version of Aji, a Columbian hot sauce. There are some recipes online but none packed the heat needed to break Ariel’s spiciness spirit.

Click here for the recipe. It’s super simple (so simple that the recipe only has one step) and it will take you less than five minutes to make a batch that can be used for multiple meals (because you only need a tiny spoonful to pack a powerful punch).

I poured it on a hefty piece of ciabatta, added ranch dressing, Virginia ham, cheddar, and tomatoes.

I watched with anticipation as he took his first bite… and his second bite…and the third bite. He saw me staring and said: “this sandwich is really big.”

Really big? Really big?? His mouth was supposed to be on fire but all he noticed was that it was really big. Ariel didn’t shed a single tear. Instead he later said: “you’re the best girlfriend.” Doofus. I was trying to kill you.

Someone get me a ghost pepper.

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One Comment on “Aji Sauce”

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