Day Three of Gluten Free Eating

After yesterday’s constant starvation, I started the day determined to eat protein heavy meals so I went down to BD for breakfast. I ordered two sunny-side up eggs (hold the toast) and grabbed a bowl of yogurt with granola.

I should’ve gotten scrambled eggs because not having a slice of whole wheat bread to mop up the wonderfully runny yolk with was just depressing. The yolk sat there, slowly drying up, screaming out for me to cheat, to go get some toast. But cheat I did not!

Instead, I turned my attention my yogurt, which was almost as delicious as the parfaits usually are. I say almost because it was fruitless. Something about melon, pineapple, and grapes sounds really unappealing with yogurt and granola but the yogurt and fruit bar doesn’t have any berries.

The combination kept me full for four hours. Success! When I was hungry again, I headed to Paws & Go to try some of Bon Appetit’s packaged gluten-free options. The only dishes with gluten-free stickers were roast beef with potatoes and a quinoa salad.

I don’t like quinoa. It looks like a grain but isn’t one. It’s slimy and tastes like something one of Dickens’ orphans would be forced to eat. Needless to say, I went with the roast beef.

I should’ve known the dish would need salt. Out of fear for the blood pressure of its students, the University limits the amount of salt used. But I’m pretty sure the last two weeks of midterms have done more damage to my blood pressure than salt ever will.

After being salted, the potato slices were quite delicious. The green beans were crispy. The top slice of the roast beef was (very surprisingly) moist but (not surprisingly) rubbery. It had a wonderfully peppery ring of flavor around its edge. The second slice was so dry and chewy that I couldn’t eat it.

Even though I didn’t eat the second slice, the meal kept me satisfied for a few hours so I’ll make sure to try another Paws & Go option tomorrow.

For dinner, we ordered Thai food from Blue Elephant Thai. Unfortunately, all of the noodle dishes (my favorites) were not exactly gluten free. Instead, I ordered the Red Chicken Curry. I don’t ever like coconut in dessert but I loved it in the curry. It added a creamy, nutty undertone that complimented the spiciness. The chicken was dry but the dish was still delicious. I hope the healthy helping of protein and rice keeps me a lot fuller than the salad did last night.

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